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Welcome to our Anderson & Shapiro Optical Department!

Our Optical department is a full service optical dispensary dedicated to providing convenient, quality eye wear products and services as well as contact lenses. Whether you are looking to purchase prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, computer “office” glasses, or “task specific” glasses that will make your job or sport seem easier, our highly trained opticians are here to help you.



We offer quite a few different name brand frames, including Silhouette, Liz Claiborne, Flexon, Banana Republic, DVF, Nine West, London Fog, Stepper, Tres Jolie, Elasta, Ellen Tracy, BCBG, and Calloway just to name a few. Many of these come in metal, zyl (plastic), semi-rimless to 3-piece drill mounts in the latest styles. Please let us help you with the frame choice according to your prescription, as all prescriptions do not go in every frame.



We specialize in single vision lenses, lined bifocals, lined trifocals, round bifocals, no-line progressive lenses and office lenses. We would love to help you figure out which one would best work for you.  The lens index materials that we use are CR-39 (plastic), Trivex, 1.67 and 1.74 and in some cases polycarbonate. Certain prescriptions and frames require high index materials.

We highly recommend digital high definition lenses here at Anderson & Shapiro. By utilizing this technology we can offer you much sharper vision with better clarity, less aberrations, better peripheral vision, improved contrast sensitivity, and less glare at night. Available in single vision and no line progressive and office lenses and many more in clear and sunglass form.

If you have presbyopia and sit in front of a computer all day you may want to try the Shamir Computer or Workspace lenses. They are made specifically for the computer with a nice wide area with plenty of room to look straight ahead at your computer, no more sore neck! The bottom area of the lens is to see print up close or the keyboard, and the very top of the lens is to see the clock on the wall or someone walking towards you for instance. These are not made to see distance, so therefore take them off when you are done at the computer. Please come in and see us, we’d love to teach you about these lenses, and don’t forget about adding the BLUTECH to your office lenses.


BLUTECH lenses are the newest rage and we think they will catch on to a lot of our patients who care about the health of their eyes whether young or old. If you come in contact with any of these blue light emitters, the sun, desktop computers, smart phones, televisions, gaming consoles, tablet computers or  having a hard time sleeping at night, tired eyes, fatigue, difficulty staying focused, headaches, etc. than this might be your answer. Science has proven exposure to high energy blue light damages your eyes and negatively impacts your overall health. Patients who have worn them say they have more relaxed vision, significant reduction in eye strain and fatigue, dramatic sleep improvement. Please don’t forget about your children, as they are using their tablets at home and in school, and they are being affected also. These BLUTECH lenses are available in prescription single vision form and no line progressive and office lenses, also available in Plano (no prescription) glasses and polarized sunglasses.  In sunglass form you are able to see your instrument panel in your car and read your digital device outdoors.

Polarized lenses:

We highly recommend polarized lenses for sunglasses, as these lenses have 100% UV protection and will help with glare from the bright sun outdoors, as well as the blinding glare from snow in the winter. Outdoor enthusiasts benefit the most from polarized sunglasses because you see so much clearer with the elimination of glare. These lenses are great for driving, fishing, biking, jogging, golfing, walking, skiing, boating and just about everything outdoors. For the patients who are very light sensitive indoors will also appreciate polarized lenses. You can also get the mirror coating for your sunglasses for the sportier look.

Transitions lenses:

Transitions lenses are the lenses that turn darker outside, and they come in four different colors, grey, brown and graphite green, as well as XTRActive grey. These also have 100% UV protection. Transitions lenses reduce glare and enhance contrast while minimizing eye strain and fatigue. They adjust automatically, you may not even notice the lenses changing. They do not work well behind the car windshield though, since windshields also block UV rays, so therefore you may want to consider sunglasses as a second pair for driving. Transitions lenses are available in single vision, bifocal, trifocal, and no line progressives.

We have non-prescription sunglasses in polarized and non-polarized lenses and we have bifocal sunglass readers. We sell the brand name “Fitovers” that are polarized sunglasses that are made to be worn over your clear glasses or you can wear them like sunglasses. We have a wide selection of polarized clip-ons and we carry ophthalmic frames that have a magnetic clip on.

Non-glare coatings:

There are different coatings that can be applied to your lenses. Crizal is the brand that we like to use as it reduces glare from nighttime driving, overhead lighting, etc. overall it just helps your see things sharper and clearer as it lets more light in, and as an added plus there is a scratch coating built in. For the patients that are light sensitive this would not be something for you.

To keep your lenses from scratches, always put them in a protective case when you are not wearing them. Never clean your lenses without rinsing them with a cleaning solution or water first and dry them with a microfiber cloth or cleaning cloth, never use any paper towel, Kleenex, or napkin, as these can scratch your lenses.

Contact Lenses 

Anderson & Shapiro offers the leading brands of contact lenses to fit the easiest prescriptions to the most difficult prescriptions. Our prices are very comparable to any competitor or online retailer. We also ship right to the patient to save you a trip from your busy work day.

Soft lenses:

These are the most comfortable contact lenses to wear. We fit these on many patients and is the lens of choice for the patients who want good distance vision and good comfort. For the most convenient way to wear soft contacts we sell the 1-Day contacts and you simply put a brand new pair of contacts in every morning and throw them away at night, therefore not needing to deal with cleaning or storing your contacts. There are also 2 or 4 week disposable contact lenses available.  Soft lenses also come in multifocal designs. We also fit the soft lenses on patients with presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition in patients who are usually around 45 years of age and they lose their close up vision. Some of these patients choose not to go into their first pair of multifocal eyeglasses and they have this option to try mono-vision with contacts.  This is where we fit the dominant eye with the distance prescription and fit the least dominant eye with a contact to see up close. Overall, these patients who use mono-vision contacts tend to adapt easily to both distance and near, and therefore don’t require any eyeglasses or reading glasses and can also wear any sunglasses. Great for sports!

Gas Permeable lenses:

Gas permeable lenses are rigid lenses made of durable plastic that transmits oxygen. Also known as RGP lenses, these can sometimes provide better crisper, sharper vision for the patient. They are more durable and resist more deposits than soft contacts and will last a long time if taken care of properly, although you can break them if you’re not careful. At first they can be quite uncomfortable to wear until your cornea gets used to them, so it will take some adaptation on the patients part. Because they last longer than soft contacts they can be less expensive in the long run. Patients who have high astigmatism, keratoconus, and irregular corneas will also benefit from these lenses. These can be fitted for distance, mono-vision, and multifocal.

Hybrid contact lenses:

Currently the only hybrid contact lens that we work with is called SynergEyes. These are quite unique as they have a RGP lens material in the center of the lens and surrounded with a soft lens material. These are mainly fitted on patients who have keratoconus and other corneal problems.

Low Vision 

Low vision is a term we use to describe reduced eyesight. There are many eye diseases that can cause this. Such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc. It can also be inherited and or caused by brain or an eye injury. This cannot be fully corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. However there are all kinds of products out there that will help these patients and Wisconsin Council of the Blind is a great place to find these items. Having a nice bright light over the print to read is very essential also. We do carry just a few items here at Anderson & Shapiro for low vision. We also carry readers with powers starting at +1.00 and go all the way up to +6.00.