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Cataracts FAQ

What type of eye drops will I be using?

You will start using eye drops after your cataract surgery. We offer a single bottle that has 3 medications: an antibiotic and 2 anti-inflammatories. A schedule for using the eye drops will be given to you on the day of your procedure.

When can I shower or wash my hair?

You can bathe twenty-four hours after surgery, but be careful to protect your eyes.

When can I wear eye makeup?

One week after surgery.

How long will I be at the surgery center?

You will be in the center for about two hours, with about twenty minutes in the operating room.

Will I feel any discomfort during the procedure?

A nurse anesthetist will administer mild sedation to relax you and place eye drops to numb your eyes before the procedure. The procedure itself is very comfortable. You may experience burning or a foreign body sensation (like an eyelash) during the first 24 hours.

What restrictions must I follow after the procedure?

You shouldn’t lift anything over fifteen pounds in weight for twenty-four hours. You should also avoid driving and alcoholic beverages for twenty-four hours. We advise you to postpone showering until after you see the doctor the next day.

How soon can I drive?

The doctor will examine your eyes the next day and let you know when you can drive.

When will I receive new glasses?

A new prescription for glasses will be given to you at a follow-up appointment about three weeks after surgery.

When will I be able to see the results?

The operative eye will be fully dilated on the day of surgery. Your vision will be blurry for the rest of the day, and the effect of the eye drops will take about twenty-four hours to dissipate. The best thing to do is go home and get plenty of rest.

What do I need to do before surgery?

Within 30 days of your surgery, you need a preoperative physical examination with your primary care physician. We do not require you to stop any medication.