A Newsletter from Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care

Family tradition meets cutting-edge technology: Dr. Anderson-Weiss joins Anderson & Shapiro September 1, 2009

At A GlanceBACK WHEN DR. ANDERSON-WEISS WAS A LITTLE GIRL, she was intrigued by the ophthalmology surgical videos her dad studied in the living room each night."I always thought it was so fascinating," says Dr. Anderson-Weiss,"even as a ten year old kid." Still, neither Dr. Anderson-Weiss nor her father, prominent Madison ophthalmologist C. Joseph Anderson, M.D., could have predicted they'd be working together all these years later. After ten years at Emory University, Dr. Anderson-Weiss completed a fellowship in cornea, cataract, and refractive surgery in Minnesota, then spent six years in practice as a board certified ophthalmologist in Jackson Mississippi."It was a wonderful experience," says Dr. Anderson-Weiss."But when the opportunity arose to come back home and work with my father, a man I admire so much professionally and personally, there was no way my husband and I could pass it up."

Anderson Shapiro Eye CareAnderson & Shapiro is widely lauded as a forerunner in Madison eye care. Anderson and his partner, Dr. Michael B. Shapiro, took over the established practices of Drs. Davis and Duehr about three decades ago. Anderson and Shapiro were the first in the area to utilize anesthetic eye drops rather than needles, and later the first to perform LASIK surgery. Now they are pioneering ReSTOR intraocular lenses, which are essentially bifocal implants for cataract patients. Dr. Anderson and his daughter have rubbed elbows at conferences and collaborated on book chapters and journal articles in the past, but to have such a highly skilled associate join his practice is priceless from a business perspective. Of course, there's a bit more to it as well."When she told me she was coming," says Dr. Anderson,"my heart jumped for joy."