CrystalensCrystalens™, the first and only accommodating intraocular lens that allows patients to focus automatically and seamlessly at all distances, is now available for cataract patients in Madison. Dr. C. Joseph Anderson, M.D., Board-Certified Ophthalmic Surgeon at Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care, one of only a few ophthalmic and refractive surgeons nationwide authorized to perform this procedure.

The ability to provide patients with clear vision at all distances is a significant technological breakthrough in the competitive field of intraocular lens technology.

How the Crystalens Works

The Crystalens received FDA approval on Nov. 14, 2003. “Approval of the Crystalens has been anticipated by ophthalmic and refractive surgeons throughout the U.S. who are eager to offer this first-of-its kind option to their patients,” says J. Andy Corley, Chairman and CEO of Eyeonics, Inc.

The Crystalens is the result of more than 14 years of research and development by J. Stuart Cumming, MD, F.A.C.S., FRCOphth, and Chief Scientific Officer of Eyeonics, Inc. and developer of the Crystalens technology. Early on in his research Cumming noted that the ciliary muscle in the eye did not stop functioning in older patients. Therefore he created a lens that works by moving back and forth along the axis of the eye in response to pressure changes in the front and back of the eye as the ciliary muscle contracts and relaxes. The cilary muscle is responsible for focusing the eye in younger patients. As a result, patients experience the same vision they had when they were younger, for most without the inconvenience of corrective lenses. In contrast, standard intraocular lenses only restore distance vision – therefore patients may still require glasses or contacts to see up close and all points in-between.

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