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Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care

Dr. C. Joseph Anderson and Dr. Michael B. Shapiro, co-founders of Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care in Madison, Wisconsin, have created a venue like no other. These doctors have combined their expertise, dedication, enthusiasm and compassion to build a medical practice that emanates excellence and proficiency.

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Shapiro believe in a personalized approach to medicine, providing their patients with an amiable, individualized and well-informed experience at the Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care Center. According to Dr. Anderson, "Our goal is always to put the patient first and to make the patient feel that he or she has had the best possible care in every possible way." Dr. Shapiro firmly believes that they have created an atmosphere that supports patients as individuals, not numbers.

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Shapiro have been able to build their clinic not only on the desire to achieve, but also on the foundation of their relationship. They are professional colleagues who have become great friends. The two doctors share golf carts, family excursions, an office and a passion for their work, finding it exciting, challenging and vital. Both doctors agree, "There is nothing like restoring vision."

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