• Dr. C. Joseph Anderson and Dr. Michael B. Shapiro, co-founders of Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care in Madison, Wisconsin, have created a venue like no other. With the addition of Dr. Nicole Anderson-Weiss, these doctors have combined their expertise, dedication, enthusiasm and compassion to build a medical practice that emanates excellence and proficiency. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Shapiro believe in a personalized approach to medicine, providing their patients with an amiable, individualized and well-informed experience at the Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care Center. According to Dr. Anderson, "Our goal is always to put the patient first and to make the patient feel that he or she has had the best possible care in every possible way." Dr. Shapiro firmly believes that they have created an atmosphere that supports patients as individuals, not numbers. Using this personalized approach to eye care in Wisconsin, Anderson & Shapiro performs only the best procedures using the latest technology. Their altruistic views encourage them to continually advance their educations and to consistently reside on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide the most effective and innovative services for their patients.

    Dr. Shapiro states, "We have the highest degree of technology and the highest quality of care that you can possibly have." We offer premium refractive surgery solutions and the most professional and experienced staff for laser eye surgery in Wisconsin. Anderson & Shapiro provides both qualified and specialized solutions for Lasik in Madison as well as Minnesota and Illinois. Our Laser Vision Correction solutions include safe, state of the art refractive technology such as conventional LASIK and CustomLasik (Wavefront technology or Custom Lasik). Please, take a moment and view our site. We feel that www.be2020.com allows the consumer the opportunity to learn what Anderson & Shapiro has to offer and will act as an educational tool, informing you about the different laser eye surgery options, such as; Wavefront technology in Wisconsin. In addition to our premium lasik eye surgery solutions we also perform state of the art cataract surgery. With recent advances in cataract surgery lens technology we are now able to help patients see without glasses by offering both crystalens and Alcon’s restor technology. We perform cornea transplants, and refractive lens exchange using the latest phakic IOL technology with the Versisyse™ Lens and the Visian ICL lens™. In addition to our surgical expertise Anderson & Shapiro has a complete optical shop capable of delivering glasses or contact lenses.

  • Aside from choosing a quality Madison LASIK eye surgeon there is perhaps nothing more important in the LASIK eye surgery process than determining your candidacy. The candidacy process begins with a thorough eye health evaluation to check the overall health of your eye, as well as the corneal thickness. During your initial free LASIK screening, we will thoroughly examine your eyes and perform comprehensive testing to make sure that LASIK eye surgery is the right procedure for you. Corneal thickness and topography, will play a very important role in the LASIK candidacy process. Our office has specialized diagnostic equipment to accurately measure the cornea and determine its thickness in relation to the LASIK treatment that will be required.

    Take our LASIK Self Evaluation test to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK Surgery. We offer the most advanced LASIK technology including, Bladefree LASIK and Zyoptix Wavefront Technology. To schedule a LASIK consultation contact us at our Madison, Wisconsin LASIK Office - 888.708. 3937.

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  • Cataract Surgery Madison Once you have made the decision to undergo cataract surgery with your eye doctor you will have a series of decisions to make related to the type of artificial lens implant you will have. Up until recently everyone who had cataract surgery received a monofocal lens implant. This lens enabled for vision of one distance, typically distances far away. With new innovations a better lens is now available. These lenses are referred to as premium lenses and come in various formats or types

          • Multifocal
          • Accomodating
          • Toric

    Find out if Premium Lens Implants are right for you. Offering Cataract Surgery patients in Madison lens implants for better vision.

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  • Care CreditAnderson & Shapiro Eye Care is dedicated to making the financial aspects of LASIK eye surgery and other elective eye surgeries affordable for our patients. As you may already know some vision correction procedures are not covered by health insurance plans. Because of this we strive to make your life easier by providing financing plans that will enable you to have the surgery that you need.

    Offering patient financing options for LASIK Eye Surgery and Premium Lens Implants in Madison, Wisconsin. Making vision correction more affordable.

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  • Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care offers free LASIK consultations for patients wishing to learn more about the LASIK eye surgery process. Our patient coordinators are available by telephone or appointment to educate and explain your specific vision correction options.

          • Schedule your free consultation with Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care.
          • Find out which vision correction procedure is right for you!

    If you are seeking LASIK eye surgery there has never been a better time to have this revolutionary eye surgery. With advancements in technology and experienced eye surgeons you can be one of the millions who enjoy a life free of the hassles of glasses and contact lenses.

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